Activities in the area

Do you want more out of your vacation then just relaxation? Then you have come to the right place, there are lots of activities and excursions just around the corner waiting for the one who wants to create holiday memories.

Excursions - Astrid Lindgren's World - Hultsfred Strandcamping
Astrid Lindgren’s World
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Close to Vimmerby

Astrid Lindgren’s World

20 minVägbeskrivning

A visit to Astrid Lindgren’s World will be the children’s highlight! Here the fairy tales become reality. After a visit to the amusement park, we welcome you back to the peacefulness and nature in Hultsfred.

In the area there is also much more to experience in Astrid Lindgren’s footsteps. Visit her childhood home and filming locations for Astrid Lindgren’s movies. Why not join a guided bike ride through the movie landscape?

The Hultsfred Festival is a part of the history of Smålands

The Hultsfred Festival

1 min

The Hultsfred Festival was here! Take Hultsfred The Walk to the exhibition in the center, Home Sweet Hultsfred, to take in the festival’s history and fun facts.

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Vimmerby Adventure Park near Hultsfred, Småland

Vimmerby Adventure Park

25 minVägbeskrivning

Adventure park for those who want to climb! Challenge your fear of heights or get an adrenaline rush in the cable car at one of the Nordics’ largest climbing parks! Suitable for ages 4 and up.

Vimmerby Adventure Park

Målilla Moose Park near Hultsfred, Småland

Målilla Moose Park

20 min Vägbeskrivning

Experience moose up close. Tip! Be there when the moose are fed, then they get really close. Let yourself be inspired by Hjalmar and Maria, who can tell you everything about the moose.

Målilla Moose Park

Cycling Trolley Hultsfred

Cycling Trolley

5 min

20 min

A must during your visit to Hultsfred. Fill the coffee basket and experience Småland’s nature in a truly unique way. Cycle the dressin until you reach Hesjön where you stop, enjoy the coffee basket and take a cooling dip before cycling back!

You can reach the starting point for the excursion at the trainstation in 5 minutes by car or 20 minutes walk.

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Hagadal activity area & indoor swimming in Hultsfred, Småland


Activity area & indoor swimming

35 min

Here there is, among other things, a bath house, exercise loop and outdoor gym for those who want to exercise. Walk via the promenade and through Hultsfred center to get here.


Narrow track from Hultsfred to Västervik

Narrow track

Between Hultsfred and Västervik

20 min

Experience a train journey from the past! A journey from the 1950s. Through Småland forests, past lakes, small communities and agriculture until you reach Sweden’s east coast.

Narrow track

Kleva Mine in Småland

Kleva Mine

Explore / Pan Gold / Treasure Hunt

50 minVägbeskrivning

Copper and nickel were previously mined here. Now you have the chance to explore the mine yourself. Learn to wash gold and go treasure hunting. Great activity even on a rainy day!

Kleva Mine

Aerial photo Hultsfred Strandcamping
Discover the scenic Hultsfred


You have lots of nice hiking trails of different lengths to choose from! There is also a hiking trail, Lönnebergaleden, which passes through campsite. You can reach other hiking trails by car. Choose from the areas around Hammarsjön, Järnforsen and Virserum. We have collected our favourites that are both excellent and have clear stage sheets with all the information you need for a successful day out in nature!

Camping and a holiday with golf


15 minVägbeskrivning

Tobo Golf Club is a nice course! Option to Pay And Play certain times for you without a green card (when playing together with someone who has a golf membership).

Tobo Golf club

Virserum Art Gallery in Hultsfred, Småland

Virserum Art Gallery

30 min Vägbeskrivning

The large art gallery. Contemporary art is shown here in exhibitions about people’s everyday life as well as in various forms that shed light on research and current social issues.

Virserum Art Gallery

Boule in Hultsfred, Småland

Boule People’s Park

5 min

Next to the campsite you will find the big park. There are several boule courts were you can play on for free. If you do not have your own set, you can rent from us at the reception.

MTB and trail biking in Hultsfred Småland

MTB & Trail biking


35 minVägbeskrivning

At Dackestupet you can experience a fast-paced cycling experience! There are different degrees of difficulty on the joints so you will surely find something that suits you. You start at the top of this wintertime ski slope. This is also where you park your car. The car park also has fireplaces, facilities and a MTB technical park.

Wimer Bike Park

25 minVägbeskrivning

In Vimmerby, close to Astrid Lindgren’s World, you will find Wimer Bike Park which offers 5 different mountain bike trails and a fun little BMX-like track.

More information about bike trails and the like can be found at:


Padel tennis in Hultsfred, Småland

Padel tennis

Hultsfred Padel (indoors)

10 min

This popular ball sport is located walking distance from the campsite, the walk there is a good warm up. More info and booking:

Hultsfred Padel

Hagadal Padel (outdoors)

40 min

There is also an outdoor paddle tennis court, a little further away, at Hagadal’s activity area. More info and booking:

Hagadal Padel