Information regarding Corona / Covid-19

In these times we would like to inform you about how we work and think about the corona virus (Covid-19).

The campsite is open and we follow the development of the situation closely in order to constantly work and plan in accordance with the swedish authorities’ guidelines and recommendations.

Our first priority will always, regardless of covid-19, be a nice experience for – and the safety of -our guests. We think it is extra important to point it out now and we take the extra steps needed to ensure you have a nice holiday and will be able to relax properly.

Camping – Like home away from home

🌸For those of you who come here with a camper / caravan / tent, you have your own accommodation and an environment you control yourself and in which you can feel as safe as in your home.
🌸For those of you who will stay in our cabins, our cabins are cleaned extra carefully between the guests with an extra focus on disinfecting areas that are subject to much contact such as lamp buttons and handles.
🌸Our campsites is spacious and there is lot of space in between our campsites and cabins, so if you desire you can relax in your own area.
🌸 During a camping holiday we spend a lot of time outdoors, which is a good thing in times like this and at the same time you get a lot fresh air.

Hygiene and extra cleaning routines

🌼We clean several times per day in our common areas such as service buildings and common kitchen with extra focus on disinfecting buttons, handles and similar areas that are subject to a lot of touch.
🌼 There is always soap in the service buildings, you always have access to wash your hands and we urge all guests to do this often and accurately.
🌼All staff that work on site are informed of the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene and working safely. If we don´t feel good – we will not be at work.

Take care and see you this summer!