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With us you can rent Stand Up Paddleboards and go out for a wonderful trip that mixes adventure with exercise! Paddle in Lake Hulingen near the campsite, towards the small islands or get in to the mirror-shiny and adventurous Silverån if you want more challenge.

Rent SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards) Hultsfred
Stand up paddleboard

Paddle SUP in Hultsfred, Småland

With us you can rent a stand up paddleboard and train your balance, exercise or simply explore the lake and nature. Book easily online or come by the reception and rent your SUP.

Do I have to stay at the campsite?

Absolutely not, everyone who wishes is welcome to Hultsfred Strandcamping to enjoy nature, our café and activities.

Age limit

We have an 18-year age limit on those who rent our water activities, if you are younger than 18, you need to be in company of someone over 18 years of age.

How many SUP do we have?

We have 10 stand up paddleboards, if you are a larger group who want to go on outdoor adventures, you can call and book. Otherwise, you can easily book a SUP here on our online booking.

What is included in the SUP rental?

When you rent a SUP at Hultsfred Strandcamping, the following is included in the price – board, paddle and life jacket.


Stand Up Paddleboard

0-1h175 SEK
1-2h200 SEK
2-4h300 SEK
Full day400 SEK
Stand up paddleboard

Popular areas for SUP

Just outside the campsite and the beach, you have a very good area to get to know the equipment. Here it is shallow and good for the beginner to take their first paddle strokes and find their balance.

If you want to go further out, we recommend paddling out towards the small islands or, if you want a real challenge, take your board around the upper part of Lake Hulingen where you can paddle past the city center.

Two Islands - Paddle around the islands

Two Islands

Length: about 1 hour / 3,600 m

When you feel familiar with the equipment, why not paddle out to the two small islands! On days with calm water, it is wonderful to paddle out and take in nature with the birds’ singing and chirping. Choose for yourself which route you want to take around the islands.

Upper Hulingen - Paddle around upper Hulingen

Upper Hulingen

Length: about 3-4 hours / 12,500 m

Feel like a longer trip on the SUP and a real challenge? Paddle around the upper part of Hulingen. This is for you who have paddled before and want to be out all day. Pack a coffee / lunch in a waterproof bag and find a place along the lake shoreline to take a much-needed break.