Cycling Trolley in Småland

Hultsfred to Målilla on the the narrow gauge railway

The trolleys are located near the campsite and is a fantastic experience for all ages! You start at the cozy little platform in Hultsfred and whiz away along the narrow gauge railway. You cycle through deep forests, small farms, paddocks and over the heath lake with sparkling water on either side of the track.

Don’t forget “Swedish fika” (coffee & snacks) and swimwear!

Cycling Trolley in Hultsfred, Småland
Cycling Trolley Hultsfred

Cycling Trolley from Hultsfred to Målilla

5 min

20 min

Remember that you must pre-book your trolley. During the summer, it’s a popular activity, so be there in good time. The trolleys also have specific start times in order to avoid oncoming trolleys as much as possible.

An activity for you who are from a small child up to a happy pensioner! You cycle at your own pace, slightly older children can join and cycle. Small children or anyone who wants to rest their legs ride along on the small bench as a passenger to the person riding the trolley.

Sträckan ser du på bild på denna sida och den är ungefär 11,5 km enkel väg, fram och tillbaka är det ca 2h cykeltid på dressinerna. När du cyklat 5 km når du samhället Ödhult, här finns en rastplats med fikabord, soptunna och ett bollplank för barnen. Efter cirka 10 km cyklar ni över sjön Hesjön, en otroligt vacker sträcka med sjön på båda sidor. När ni kommit över till andra sidan finns ytterligare en rastplats precis intill sjön. Ett ypperligt tillfälle att plocka fram fikakorgen och ta ett dopp! Välj sedan om du vill fortsätta sista biten in till Målilla sanatorium, vid den lilla hållplatskuren slutar dressinsträckan och du vänder och cyklar tillbaka igen.

From your accommodation at the campsite, you can easily get to the trolleys. Cycle or take a walk from the campsite via the promenade until you reach the station area where the trolleys are also located. Of course, it is also fine to take the car to the station area, where there is plenty of parking.

If there wasn’t any room on any trolley in Hultsfred, there is also a route that goes from Målilla to Flaten.

Things to consider:

It may be good to know that at the rest and swimming area at Lake Hesjön there is an outhouse.

Helmets are available to borrow at the start. Children should wear a helmet.

For a wonderful excursion, we recommend that you take your time and enjoy the experience and nature. Tips for packing are:

  • Swimwear and towel
  • Coffee basket
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothes after weather

Check the booking below to see the trolley opening times during the summer.

Book trolley

Book trolley for the route Hultsfred – Målilla, choose between half or full day. Payment is made on site by card or the app Swish. This is a cashless business.

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