Exercise trails

– walking or running trails from the campsite

We can recommend a couple of wonderful exercise trails that start from the campsite. The trails are without slopes and have flat surface. Suitable for both running and to walking.

Distance 4.7 km


This exercise trail takes you around the nice areas of Kloster Gård and back again through the outskirts of Hultsfred. Here you have, if lucky, the possibility to encounter deer. A trail through forest and corn field where the surface varies between gravel road and asphalt.

Distance (up to) 6,6 km


If you are going on Hultsfred’s lakeside walk, then you choose your own distance. During this exercise trail, you turn around and take the same path back when you are satisfied with the distance. If you go all the way to the Trolley rental and back, the exercise track will be 6 km. Throughout the route you have a lake view and it also takes you through a small nature reserve. The entire trail is on flat gravel road.

Distance 5 km


Hultsfred The Walk as an exercise round is perfect for those who want to take a lovely walk and at the same time experience cool history about the festival. Recommended to download the app to get a fun experience!