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We offer kayak rentals to explore Hultsfred’s large lake Hulingen and the adventurous Silverån, our own “Amazon River”

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Kayaking in Hultsfred, Småland

Do you want to rent a kayak in Småland and explore the beautiful lake Hulingen? Book easily online or come by the reception and rent your kayak.

Kayaking is a great way to discover nature and tranquility. Our kayaks are suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers. If you have not paddled a kayak before, you will see an introductory video when you book via the website.

Do I have to stay at the campsite?
Absolutely not, everyone who wishes is welcome to Hultsfred Strandcamping to enjoy nature, our café and activities.

Age limit
We have an 18-year age limit on those who rent our water activities, if you are younger than 18, you need to be in company of someone over 18 years of age.

Paddle with children?
All paddling takes place at your own risk and if you want to paddle with children, it goes well with the right conditions. You should either be a very experienced kayaker to take a child in your arms in a one-man kayak. Otherwise it usually goes well if you rent a two-person kayak and one adult sits with the child in his arms in front and the other takes care of all the paddling. If you feel unsure about kayaking, it may be a better idea to book a canoe if you want to paddle with the whole family. Of course we have life jackets for all sizes.

How many kayaks do we have?
We have 10 one-man kayaks and 3 two-man kayaks, if you are a larger group who want to go on outdoor adventures, you can call and book. Otherwise, you can easily book a kayak here on our online booking.

What is included when you rent a kayak?
When you rent a kayak at Hultsfred Strandcamping, the following is included in the price – kayak, life jacket, paddle, canopy (splash guard).

Popular routes

Of course it is fine to explore the lake however you want, but if you want suggestions for nice routes to paddle, we have suggestions for you here.

Distance: 1h/ 2700 m

Hultsfred’s Amazonas, or silverån as it is really called, is a mirror-shiny river that empties into Hulingen. There are some obstacles in the form of fallen trees and bridges to duck under before you reach the railway and a small waterfall. There you turn and paddle back.

Distance: 1h/ 3600 m

Paddle around the two islands! Pick up the paddle and glide silently forward and listen to the birds singing and chirping from the islands. So beautiful and peaceful!

Distance: 3-4h/ 12500 m

Check out Hultsfred center from a different angle! Paddle along the nature reserve and the promenade, cross over to the other side towards Järnudda and paddle with the Småland nature on the right side. If you paddle counterclockwise that is!


One-man kayak
0-1h 175 SEK
1-2h 200 SEK
2-4h 300 SEK
Full day 400 SEK

Two-man kayak
0-1h 250 SEK
1-2h 300 SEK
2-4h 400 SEK
Full day 500 SEK

Rent kayak Hultsfred