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Do you want more out of  your vacation then just relaxation? Then you have come to the right place, there are lots of activities and excursions just around the corner waiting for the one who wants to create holiday memories.

Astrid Lindgren's World in Vimmerby short driving distance from Hultsfred Strandcamping

Astrid Lindgren’s World

20 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

Here, fairy tales comes true! Become one with Astrid Lindgren’s stories and visit Pippi Longstocking in Villa Villekulla, Emil on the farm in Katthult and Ronja in Matti’s Forest. Click on the link for more information about all the fun that can be experienced at Astrid Lindgren’s World.

Astrid Lindgren’s World >>

Astrid Lindgren's Näs in Vimmerby

Astrid Lindgrens Näs

20 min by car

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In 1895, Astrid’s grandparents moved into the red house with white knots. This is where Astrid grew up.

Step over the threshold to Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home and get a guided tour!

Astrid Lindgrens Näs >>

Cycling dressage in Hultsfred Småland

Cycling Trolley

5 min by car / 15 min by bike

A must during your visit to Hultsfred. Bring your coffee basket and experience the nature of Småland in a completely unique way. Cycle the trolley until you reach Lake Hesjön where you stop, enjoy the scenery and take a cooling swim before you head back!

You can reach the starting point for the excursion in 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes by bike from the campsite.

Cycling dressin >>

Home Sweet Hultsfred - The Hultsfred Festival

Home Sweet Hultsfred

20 min walk

In the building were it all started. Here, the association Rock Party created the plans for what would become Sweden’s largest music festival, the Hultsfred Festival! Now the walls are covered with fun facts, stories and the artist’s crazy riders from the festival.

Home Sweet Hultsfred >>

Swedish Rock Archive in Hultsfred

Swedish Rock Archive

20 min walk

Ever since the Swedish rock archive was moved from Stockholm to Hultsfred, the collections from Swedish popular music have grown from a couple of 1000 objects to up to half a million. The Swedish rock archive can be found in the city centre and is a heaven for those interested in music.

Swedish Rock Archive >>

The narrow track from Hultsfred to Västervik

Narrow track Hultsfred – Västervik

20 min walk

Get on the train and experience a journey from the past! Since the 1950s, they have been on the railway pulled by steam locomotives. Stop for an ice cream at the station building in Verkebäck and enjoy a nostalgic journey through Småland’s forests, lakes, small communities and agriculture until you reach Sweden’s east coast.

Smalspåret >>

Målilla Moose Park close to Hultsfred Småland

Målilla Moose Park

20 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

Moose guarantee promised! Experience the king of the forest. In three enclosures there are moose and red deer, to get really close there is a passage with a fence on both sides into the enclosure. Walk along the promenade of about 1km around the estate Kristineberg, have a coffee and let yourself be inspired by Hjalmar and Maria who can tell you everything you want to know about the animals and the park.

Målilla Moose Park >>

Vimmerby Adventure Park driving distance from Hultsfred

Adventure Park

25 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

Adventure park for the climber enthusiast! Challenge your fear of heights or get an adrenaline kick in the zipline at one of the Nordic region’s largest climbing parks! Suitable from 4 years and up.

Adventure Park >>

Kleva Mine in Småland

Kleva Mine

50 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

Visit Kleva Mine, where copper and nickel used to be mined. Now it is a popular excursion destination where you have the chance to explore the mine on your own! Here you can also learn gold panning and go treasure hunting. Also great for a rainy day!

Kleva Mine >>

Hiking in Hultsfred, Småland

You have lots of nice hiking trails of different lengths to choose from! There is also a hiking trail, Lönnebergaleden, which passes through campsite. You can reach other hiking trails by car. Choose from the areas around Hammarsjön, Järnforsen and Virserum. We have collected our favourites that are both excellent and have clear stage sheets with all the information you need for a successful day out in nature!

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Mountain biking and trail cycling in Hultsfred Småland

MTB Cycling

35 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

At Dackestupet you can experience a fast-paced cycling experience! There are different degrees of difficulty on the joints so you will surely find something that suits you. You start at the top of this wintertime ski slope. This is also where you park your car. The car park also has fireplaces, facilities and a MTB technical park.

MTB Dackestupet >>

Boule in Hultsfred, Småland

Boule Folketspark

5 min walk

Next to the campsite you will find the big park. There are several boule courts were you can play on for free. If you do not have your own set, you can rent from us at the reception.

Outdoor gym in Hultsfred, Småland

Hagadal activity area & indoor swimming

40 min walk

Outdoor gym

Movement loop

Indoor swimming

Hagadal aktivitetsområde & simhall >>

Padel tennis in Hultsfred


10 min walk – Hultsfred Padel (indoor)
40 min walk – Hagadal Padel (outside)

This popular ball sport is located walking distance from the campsite, the walk there is a good warm up. More info and booking at the link below:
Hultsfred Padel >>

There is also an outdoor paddle tennis court, a little further away, at Hagadal’s activity area. More info and booking at the link below:
Hagadal Padel >>

Camping and holiday with golf


15 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

Tobo Golf Club is a nice forest and park course for golfers who want to play a round during the holidays! There is also the option of Pay And Play at certain times for you without a green card (when playing with someone who has a golf membership).

Tobo Golf Club >>

Visit to Bullerbyn as an activity


25 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

A drive of about 25 minutes from the campsite can take you to the village of Sevedstorp, the filming location for the Bullerbyn movies! In the village there are rabbits, chickens and cows. Jumping in the haystack and the swing are popular activities for children. Here you can also have a coffee, buy crafts, souvenirs and other things. Instead of entrance fee, a parking fee is charged.

Bullerbyn >>

Astrid Lindgren's filming location Katthult


40 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

Visit the filming location for Astrid Lindgren’s movies about Emil. In Katthult you can feel the atmosphere from the fairy tales and among other things see Snickerboa and the flagpole where Ida was hoisted up! Walk around the buildings and experience the filming location in real life, dogs are also welcome. There is also a café and a souvenir shop.

Katthult >>

Visit to Filmbyn Småland as an activity

Filmbyn Småland

25 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

Step into the magical world of the childhood movies! At Filmbyn you get to experience Astrid Lindgren’s movies, both in and behind the scenes. In the restaurant you enjoy authentic Småland food and in the shop there are nice things to buy with you for those who wish.

Filmbyn Småland >>

Cycling in the movie landscape Småland as an activity

Cycling in the movie landscape of Småland

25 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

Bicycle tours to the classic filming locations from the movies about Emil in Lönneberga and The Children in Bullerbyn. The tours start from Filmbyn Småland in Mariannelund and are 12-65 km long. Cycle on your own or join a guided tour through the movie landscape! Book your bike ride through the link below:

Cycling in the movie landscape of Småland >>

Virserums Konsthall in Hultsfred Municipality

Virserums Konsthall

30 min by car

Directions from the campsite >>

In the middle of the forests of Småland is the small community Virserum with the large art gallery. With an exhibition area of 1600 sqm, contemporary art is shown in exhibitions about people’s everyday lives and art in various forms that shed light on research and current societal issues. Wood, forest, sustainability and textile crafts and fiber art are central themes that recur in the art gallery’s exhibitions.

Virserums Konsthall >>